Tech Support

A, Interference Causes The Signal To Drop Out in the area?

( apply to G-622, G-733, G-788, G-787 models only )

1,  Use the automatic frequency selection function to select the most clean frequency channel in your area. ( C-1 )

2,  Re-program the receiver with the “ MASTER LIST ” frequency mode. The “ MASTER LIST” frequency channels have lower squelch design for avoiding interference. ( C-2 )

After completing either steps above, then sync the transmitter with the receiver. ( D-2 )

B, How to Lock and Unlock the Unit?

( Apply to G-733, G-788, G-787 modeld only )

1,  Press "Manu" and "Select" buttons at the same time to lock or unlock the receiver, Press "Mute" and "Select" buttons at the same time to lock or unlock the transmitter.

C, How to change the frequency of a UHF Receiver?

1,  Automatic frequency selection:

Press "Menu" one time, then press "Select" one time, the Receiver will automatically scan for an available channel.

2,  MASTER LIST Mode Frequency Channel

Press "Munu" five times then press "Select",  the receiver will be in "MASTER LIST" mode. ( apply to G-788, G-787, G-733 models only )

3,  Manual channel selection:

Press "Menu" twice and press "Select" to change the group number of the frequency.

Press "Menu" three times and then press "Select" to change the channel number of the frequency

D, How to synchronize the Wireless UHF Transmitter to the Receiver?

1,  Turn on the Transmitter.

2,  Open the Transmitter battery compartment to display the infrared (IR) port, with the IR port exposed to the receiver within 6 inches (15cm), then press "ACT" or "SET" button in the Receiver.

 After the light of the Transmitter flashes green and red, the frequency of the Transmitter will be automatically set to the same frequency of the Receiver.

3,  Follow the same steps to synchronize other Transmitters to the other channels of the Reciever.

4,  Be sure that only one Transmitter's IR port is exposed when synchronizing a system

E,  How to setup multiple UHF wireless microphone systems?

1,  Turn all Receivers on and all Transmitters off.

2,  Set all Receivers to the different frequencies. ( C-1)

3,  Turn on the first Transmitter.

4,  Synchronize the Transmitter to one of the channel of a Receiver. ( D-2 )

5,  Repeat the same way to synchronize other Transmitters

or See Your Manual Page 8 for Instruction


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