G-787L GTD Audio 4x800 Ch UHF Diversity Wireless Lapel Microphone

G-787L GTD Audio 4x800 Ch UHF Diversity Wireless Lapel Microphone
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Product Information

GTD-Audio's G-787L wireless microphone system delivers superior sound quality and professional features. It is designed for a wide range professional application with 4x800 selectable frequency channels, automatic frequency scanning, true diversity operation, Tone Lock squelch circuit, automatic transmitter setup. It's the perfect for professional use at any events.


  • Backlit LCD display showing RF level, AF level, Channel Frequency and mute status.
  • 800 Selectable frequencies on each channel, multiple units can be used simultaneously
  • True diversity operation for increased range/reliability, reducing dropouts.
  • Built-In Tone Lock Squelch circuit protection from RF interference
  • Automatic frequency scanning to find and set the best available channel
  • Automatic  transmitter setup,  the channel of the transmitter and receiver can easily synchronize
  • Four channel receiver, Four microphones can be used at the same time
  • Four  XLR individual outputs and one 1/4" Mixed output
  • Individual volume control on each channel
  • Frequency:  UHF 550MHz - 590MHz   ( Comply with FCC new frequency rule )
  • Frequency Response:   35Hz~18KHz
  • Battery Life:  12 Hours ( AA batteries )
  • Range:  Up to 600 feet ( 200 meters )
  • Rack mountable, Fits 19" rack
Product Code
Manufacturer GTDaudio
Condition New
Weight 11.000Lb

Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 5

3 receviers - 12 channel system - works great!

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I purchasd three systems at the same time for use in our Wild West show in October. All units arrived together and I immediately tested them and discovered one receiver had a bad channel. I contacted the company and gave details of my testing and they sent out a replacement unit the next day and I received it within just a few days. They also included a prepaid return shipping label. The replacement unit worked fine and I was able to test all units successfully. I reprogrammed all receivers and transmitters so they would not be on the default channel to avoid the possibility of any interference from other GTD units that may be in proximity as well as each other since each receiver is programmed the same from the factory. Programming was fairly simple for me and now all 12 channels are on different frequencies. I have labelled each transmitter and receiver so I know which transmitter works with which receiver at a glance, and I write it down when I hand out a transmitter to our cast so I know who has which transmitter. This is also helpful when troubleshooting. If one unit begins dropping out (bad batteries) I can quickly identify who it is and get it fixed. These transmitters work over great distances. I have used them to over 200 feet on several occasions. For our current weekly shows I hike a small foothill and climb a 20' water tower. I have not measured this distance on the ground, but Google Maps shows it being about 240 feet, and the transmitters works fine with the receivers behind a small building, blocking line of sight. Although the units can be rack mounted (as ours units are), there are a couple of considerations: 1) The screws on the bottom of the receivers protrude just slightly and may interfere with stacking above the unit below. It seems like these should be flat head screws instead of pan head screws. 2) It would be necessary to either leave plenty of space between each unit, or place some of the antennas diagonally so as not to touch each other. I have the antennas on the lower two units placed diagonally and have not observed any degradation in performance even when used over 200 feet away without line of sight between the transmitter and receiver. Your mileage may vary, but they work great for us! Front and Rear pictures of our rack can be seen here: http://www.jake-n-jane.com/images/MixerFront.jpg http://www.jake-n-jane.com/images/MixerRear.jpg Overall, I'm very impressed with these units, and I'll be buying some GTD accessories to expand our capabilities. (28 Nov 2016, 17:58)

2 Units, 8 Pack Work Well Together!

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Have received my second GTD Audio 4x800 Ch UHF Diversity Wireless Lapel Microphone 787L, and thought I would put down a few thoughts. I had the receiver and transmitters side by side when tuning in and found when I got to the second unit it kept coming up with "full" on the display. A thought hit me and I put a bit of distance between the receivers and transmitters and all tuned with ease! I tested them in a known High RF area as have had issues with Senheiser XS and Mipro systems receiving a signal when the transmitters are off creating noise through the PA. The GTD systems are in the same Frequency range BUT seemed to have no issues with it at all! Apart from mics being a tad directional all 8 pack worked well and interference free together. The only other thing I noticed is the manual had the Pack pin connection incorrect, I have found the pins are, pin 1 Hot with mic voltage + and pin 3 Ground ( The Lavalier mics are wired this way). Have not had them long so no idea yet on longevity. (30 Oct 2015, 00:48)
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